Kooljaman at Cape Leveque offers a diverse range of nature based activities.

Guests can enjoy snorkelling with a beautiful array of tropical fish life, swimming in crystal clear blue waters, fishing, photography, beachcombing for unique shells, whale watching, bird spotting or the most popular activity of all – doing nothing but soaking up the sheer tranquillity and beauty of the surrounds.



Fishing is a popular pastime for visitors to Kooljaman, and many take advantage of the opportunity.

Trevally and Queenfish can be caught off the beach on both the western beach (sunset beach) and the eastern beach.

Fishing in the exposed reef areas on the eastern beach often produces good results, as does fishing in the pools on the reef systems. Some reef fish that can be caught around Kooljaman include; Snapper, Spanish Flag, Coral Trout, Mangrove Jack and Blue Bone.

Be aware of the tidal movement and always wear shoes when walking on reef areas.

For those looking for the big fish, trolling a line can lead to some adrenalin pumping fights with Spanish Mackerel, Sailfish, Cobia, Giant Trevally, Barracuda and Tuna (be wary of the sharks – often it is a race between the fisherman and the shark rather than a battle between the fish and fisherman!).

Guests are welcome to bring their own boat and launch it at our Eastern Beach.

Observe and adhere to size and bag limits, and only keep enough fish for you and your family.

Fishing and spear fishing is not permitted in the swimming bay in front of the beach shelters.

Fishing tackle and hand lines can be purchased from our shop.


Swimming & Snorkelling

The crystal clear turquoise waters that surround Kooljaman are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. There are reef systems that are home to a beautiful array of tropical sea life, just off the shore of our Eastern beaches.

It is safe to swim at Kooljaman all year round, as we are lucky to have no issues with stingers or crocodiles.

Mask and snorkel sets are available for hire.


Self Guided Walks

There are a range of walks you can do while at Kooljaman; beach walks along the Eastern and Western Beach, reef walks at low-tide, and the interpretive boardwalk through the coastal vine thicket.

The interpretive boardwalk gives information on the local flora and fauna in the area, the local Bardi seasonal calendar and history on the Cape Leveque lighthouse.


Whale Watching

From July through to October there is plenty of whale activity just off shore with the humpback whales making a southward journey, having recently calved approximately 200kms north of Cape Leveque.

It is not necessary to take a boat to view this activity: with or without binoculars it is a worthy spectacle.